Kromedome Python Flower piece

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The Kromedome Python is a Classy Flower Piece with a 8mm thick Glass Body!

Great Features include a Ice Catcher and a 360 degree Disc Perc

Height is 15in

Joint Size 18mm Female


Kromedome Python Flower piece is made of thick glass material. It has a round surface, which perfectly holds ice. Just like the name suggests, it is used to hold flowers. You can use it to decorate your home, office, hotel, meeting room, and other interior decorations.

It can be used on tabletops, corridors, or hanged from the top. Use it with different flowers to enhance the look and bring out the best. The glass material gives a clear view of the roots and stems at the bottom.

Kromedome Python Flower piece Pros and cons


  • The Kromedome python vase is made of thick glass.
  • It comes with a surface that holds ice before placing flowers.
  • This vase blends with most decorations as it’s clear.
  • Style and decorate the piece to your desired taste.


  • Despite having a thick glass, it’s prone to breaking.

Benefits of Kromedome Python Flower piece

The benefit of using this vase is to add style and decorate a room. From work areas to home use, this piece will blend well with the surroundings. Brighten a dull room using this classic glass vase.

On someone’s special day, this Kromedome Python piece makes a good gift. With its simple but unique design, you can also use it on occasions like weddings, birthdays, and baby showers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should you buy the Kromedome Python Flower piece?

Apart from the beautiful look, it comes with a rounded surface for holding ice. The thick glass material also makes it a preferable option. The design of this piece is attractive.

Is the Kromedome Python easy to use?

Yes, this vase is easy to use. Depending on the room or place you want it in, it sits well on a tabletop, can be hanged, or placed on a shelf. All you need is to get creative with it.

Is the vase used for specific flowers?

No, it is used for all flowers. There are no set limitations. It is a personal choice on which flowers to add.

Final Verdicts

If you’re looking for a vase that can hold ice and flowers, Kromedome python has the solution. It’s ideal for general interior décor and home use. Depending on personal preferences, this piece brings out the best of a setting.

Flower vases come in different designs, but a glass vase looks amazing even on its own. To have a more attractive look in your setting, you may add different flowers.

2 reviews for Kromedome Python Flower piece

  1. Ciera

    This bad boy is a nice thick glass bong! Very well made and hits like a dream ♡ this is my first big peace so it’s going to take some practice but I’m loving it!

  2. Marco

    Solid thick Glass for the Price! Great with ice cubes! Easy to clean and the hits are gigantic

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