Kromedome Cyclone Recycler Dag Rig

(3 customer reviews)


The Cyclone Dab Rig is one of our OG Pieces, Two Vortex Turbines and a Matrix Perc Delivers an Incredible Refreshing Hit!

3 reviews for Kromedome Cyclone Recycler Dag Rig

  1. Luke

    This is a very awesome piece nicly built and not too bulky. It’s easy to handel also it has a sturdy base to hold onto! And just as it describes it is a very smooth and refreshing hit! I also bought a dry herb attachment that worked very well!

  2. Todd Henderson

    I love this piece! The function is so pure and the vortex looks amazing! I have an enail hooked up to it and it is beautiful each rip! Don’t sleep on the “Cyclone”!

  3. Dylan shaffer

    Clean and original! Favorite piece I’ve had it since krome dome first opened its doors. Very durable and smooth! No flaws in any of the products!!

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