Kromedome Beaker Flower Piece

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The Kromedome Beaker is a Stylish and Elegant Flower Piece made with

High – Quality 8MM thick Glass with a Ice Catcher


The Kromedome Beaker Flower Piece is a vase made of thick glass. It’s clear with no patterns, suitable for decorations. This piece adds life to your home décor. It’s also an appropriate gift option for someone’s special day. The vase is not used for home decoration only. It’s also used in offices, receptions, hotels, conference tables and other work areas.

Kromedome Beaker Flower Piece Pros and Cons


  • The clear material makes it easy to use with different flowers.
  • The vase has the same functionality even without ice.
  • It serves as part of the home and office décor.
  • Kromedome Beaker Flower Piece comes in different shapes.


  • Since the vase is made of glass, it could easily drop and break.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Kromedome beaker easy to use?

Yes. The vase is easy to use. You only need flowers, water, and a space to place the vase. If well handled, it will serve the purpose for a longer period.

Is Kromedome a beaker used in homes only?

No, the vase is used in different areas. You can use it in an office, conference table and any other area of your choice.

Is the beaker only placed on tabletops?

No, the Kromedome beaker can be hanged or placed on a higher shelf. It depends on how you find it appealing in your house or office.

Benefits of using Kromedome beaker

The Kromedome Beaker Flower Piece is a preferred option, for anyone looking to enhance the look of their surroundings. You can add different decorations before adding your flowers. They are also used for different occasions.

The beaker does not have a limitation with flowers to use. You can use it with ice, pebbles or colored water to add to the look. You can have various flowers in different vases and arrange them in a preferred pattern depending on your taste.

Final Verdict

Kromedome Beaker Flower Piece is an appropriate option for anyone looking to add style and beauty in their homes and offices. The glass adds a more appealing look since the flowers are well visible from the vase.

Flower vases are gift options unknown to many people. Depending on the occasion, the Kromedome beaker makes a good gift as it comes with a beautiful design and elegance. You can be creative with this vase, to blend in with your desired taste.

5 reviews for Kromedome Beaker Flower Piece

  1. Josh

    This beaker hits real smooth I recommend

  2. Sarha

    The functionality on the Beaker piece by Kromedome is amazing! You can put ice in the beaker or without. The bowl is the perfect size, savor your medicine while still getting the dose you need. I highly recommend this piece.

  3. Faisal

    Best gift I got. Amazing design. Highly recommended as a starter from kromedome A++

  4. Upscale Accommodations

    Many good times and great memories with this beaker. Solid product that has lasted through the ages

  5. Yaqub

    Thick Glass and high quality Function

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