Illinois Recreational Weed is a week away!

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Illinois Recreational Weed is a week away!

Illinois has finally joined its elevated brethren of the cannabis wave by choosing to legalize recreational cannabis and in less than a week it’ll be legal. Illinois became the eleventh state to legalize cannabis and pushing the US further along in our attempt to legalize nationwide. It surely will not be the last state to legalize, but that’s not why I’m writing this article. Illinois has won my respect with the piece of legislation they passed. Illinois will become the first state to incorporate solutions to the skewed judicial system that had put nonviolent cannabis offenders behind bars. In fact, by this time next year Illinois will have wiped the records of some 770,000 people. This is the most comprehensive legislation passed to date shaming the likes of New York and New Jersey who have been trying to pass legislation for the past year.

The program itself also delivers on a long-held promise to medical users. Since February of last year the medical cannabis program in Illinois has added more than 20,000 patients after the state dropped mandatory fingerprinting and background searches, allowed opioid patients access and started granting provisional access while medical applications are being reviewed. Making it a hell of a lot easier to use cannabis without feeling like a criminal. The recreational bill ensures medical cannabis user also take priority over recreational customers if there is ever a shortage but let’s hope that never happens.

With less than a month to go all the legislation means Illinois dispensaries are prepping for a huge onslaught of new customers. Some are anticipating twice the current business. From the sound of it we will be seeing many Chicago dispensaries adding new checkout systems, implementing iPads and more self-serve style floor plans to maximize the efficiency. It doesn’t stop their owner of Dispensary 33 is looking to add software that is prevalent in restaurants to notify customers of their order status as well as preorder their sticky green stuff. Imagine placing your order online for some of that Grand Daddy Purp and it showing up 15-30 minutes later in a doggy bag with your name on it.

Now don’t go sparking up in the streets just yet and definitely don’t go blowing smoke in a police officers’s face. These laws still don’t go into effect for another week or so and until then the police will write you a ticket. So here are some tips for how to keep your consumption low profile until that day come, even better they’ll be the perfect tools for those dispensary grade concentrates once it goes legal on the 1st. First get yourself a dab pen. Now this comes in many forms and for the casual smoker it is a handy tool. With replaceable cartridges it is perfect for on the go fun in almost any situation. Seriously, I’ve used mine everywhere even at my parent’s house before a family dinner. They never know. If you’re looking for a suggestion, I would check out the YOCAN Uni Box Mod. Personally, my favorite one.

For those more traditional approaches get yourself a portable eRig or Electronic Nectar Collector. These devices allow for the user to purchase waxes and use them as if they were Glass rigs providing the user with thick pulls and heavy clouds. It’s just like you were sitting in your living room but without the blow torch and mess. I would suggest the KromedomeVape Dart. It’s a point and click Nectar Collector with a neat light indicator that lets you know when the dart is heated enough to use. The Nectar Collector is basically a straw that heats up at one end and allows for the easiest low maintenance consumption.

These devices are the perfect lowkey, effective devices. Not only that but even after legalization goes into effect, you’ll still have a top of the line consumption device for waxes and distillates that will be provided throughout the state! Now go celebrate because we all know a law wouldn’t have stopped you anyways.

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