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Easier than ever… Kromedome Electronics

Kromedome has made it our mission to bring some new electronics to the table for concentrates. Long gone are the days where you needed an apple, a pipe, or papers to enjoy yourself. Electronics have brought about a new age of ease and access. Electronic solutions for take some of the best features of glass and remove the excess leaving you with something truly extraordinary.

Kromedome has a couple products that do exactly that. First is the Kromedome enail, This is a simple attachment that goes onto any existing glass piece and attaches to the banger. This device completely removes the need for the torch and provides a solid consistent heat to the banger at all times really eliminating the waste in the process. This device is as easy as a flip of a switch to use and provides consistent, clean hits every time. The next product is the Dart. The Kromedome Dart is another top of the line technology we have rolled out. This is an electronic nectar collector. With the click of a button the device will heat up and notify you when it is ready for use via a vibration. This intuitive simple to use device makes concentrate consumption in any situation easy. Its water chamber allows for a great way to maintain your flavor profiles. Not only that but its only made of 3 parts so it is easy to clean and maintain!

These products highlight the next level of the industry. Bringing new and easier ways to consume concentrates and we here at Kromedome intend to be right there at the same time. Check out or products in the store today!

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